Custom special springs

Custom Special Springs

We are an expert in the production of customized springs. You send us your drawing of a contact spring or the presentation of the installation situation of your EMC problem, and we will work with you to find an excellent solution.

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Two methods – One product

To ensure that the production of your copper beryllium springs is as cost effective as possible, we offer you two different manufacturing processes, depending on the series quantities required.


Manufacturing by etching

For manufacturing prototypes, delicate parts and also small runs, we etch the spring’s outline shape out of a sheet material. The final shape is then achieved using one or more bending tools. Thanks to our comprehensive range of the most widely different bending tools, we are able to manufacture individual hand samples and prototypes, as well as small runs, quickly and without complications.

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Manufacturing by stamping

For manufacturing larger series per year, we stamp the spring’s outline shape from a continuous strip, and then employ mechanical bending to achieve the desired spring shape. These two manufacturing stages are performed either seamlessly, using a progressive tool, or individually, with the help of separate stamping and bending tools.

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Optional additional processing

The optional additional processes are the same for both manufacturing procedures. The springs are hardened, to ensure that they achieve high levels of final hardness. The surface is galvanically prepared and then tinplated, zincplated, silverplated or goldplated.