Copper Beryllium

Copper Beryllium

Manufactured from high quality copper beryllium, they can bridge gaps both large and small. The choice and use of suitable springs depends on the individual application and method of fixing it into place.


Copper beryllium’s countless applications result from its unique performance characteristics:

  • Excellent spring properties due to hardening after processing
  • High strength
  • Extremely high flex life
  • High conductivity
  • Resistant to environmental influences such as ozone, atomic radiation and light and also to solvents and corrosion
  • Not magnetically

Furthermore, copper beryllium can be used at a wide range of temperatures, is neither flammable nor combustible, and doesn’t emit gases. And what’s more, when used in the appropriate applications, it is self-cleaning, ie when used as door shielding for opening and closing doors.


Springs made from copper beryllium are used in a wide range of applications, for example in HF technology, measurement and control technology, nuclear physics, air and space travel and across the entire spectrum of electronic data processing.

Copper beryllium springs can be used to bridge a gap between two surfaces. They are able to bridge the tiniest but also the largest gap. The type of spring used depends on the nature of the particular application and the method by which it is affixed. The easiest way to affix them is by simply pushing them into place. The contact springs can then be additionally fitted with a T-lance or D-lance. Another method is screwing or riveting them into mounting holes.

The springs can also be soft-soldered. If this is the case, galvanic tinplating is recommended. We would be pleased to provide you with further information on this if required. Copper beryllium can also be condensor spot welded or vacuum electron beam welded. We are also able to realise your own specific requirements in relation to these procedures.

ZILLKON Contact Springs

Range of Supply

nickel plated
tin plated
gold plated
silver plated


Copper beryllium presents the designer of contact elements, electrical, and electronic equipment with a unique combination of properties. Copper beryllium is a high-quality contact Material it combines outstanding electric conductivity with high mechanical strength. This is especially useful when further miniaturization is needed.

Physical Properties Copper-Beryllium 25 CuBe2 ½H

Specific Gravity 8,4 g/cm³
Melting Point 870 °C
Coefficient of Thermal
Expansion (20-200 °C)
17x10 -6/°K
Thermal Conductivity 110 W/mK
Hardness 370-440 HV
Tensile Strength 1270-1490 N/mm²
Fatigue Strength,
Load Application 100 Millions
250-270 N/mm²
Modulus of Elasticity 135 kN/mm²
Spring Bending Limit 880-980 N/mm²
Electrical Conductivity 12 m/Ω mm

Adhesive Tape

We rely on the quality of TESA®. We use ‘tesa® 4962’, a double-sided adhesive tape consisting of a nonwoven backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive. More information and a detailed product description can be supplied on request or can be found on the manufactures website (

Upon request contact springs can also be manufactured and supplied with a conducting adhesive tape. In case of need alternative tapes of different manufacturers can be used.

Customized Springs

Zillkon Zillgitt GmbH Kontaktfedern manufactures contact springs according to customer’s specifications. This includes different shapes, forms and lengths.

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