Products & Solutions

Contact Springs, Customized Springs and EMC Solutions

We are the professional manufacturer and supplier of contact springs, gaskets and specialized solutions.

Contact Springs

Manufactured from high quality copper beryllium, they can bridge gaps both large and small. The choice and use of suitable springs depends on the individual application and method of fixing it into place.

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Customized Springs

We are an expert in the production of customized springs. You send us your drawing of a contact spring or the presentation of the installation situation of your EMC problem, and we will work with you to fi nd an excellent solution.

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We can off er you solutions in a wide range of styles and materials and with a wide range of surfaces. For an individual consultation, simply get in touch. We would be pleased to provide you with additional information, as well as explain the technical details to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Design & Tooling

Serienfertigung: Pressen von Walter, Kaiser und MABU / Großserienfertigung: Bieler RM40 / Einzelteilfertigung: EBU Exzenterpressen / Härten im Ofen unter Schutzgas / komplette Fertigung im eigenen Haus / eigene Stanzerei

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