This year we are upgrading twice!

At the beginning of the year we expanded our production area by 100%. Now the machine park and toolmaking have been reorganized and better positioned. The “Flat Gasket Cutting” department has also found its place in Plant II.

We are pleased to introduce our new 32 ton precision high-performance punching machine. This heavy-duty punch press is capable of producing large quantities in a short time, stroke after stroke with continuous precision. The machine is connected to a thin sheet feeder, which works with great precision up to a speed of 1000 strokes/minute.

We have two new tools for the production of our own contact springs available for the machine. These tools are equipped with laser monitoring for maximum precision and quality in production. This enables us to make production processes more efficient, reduce costs and save resources. By using both as a progressive compound tool, we can manufacture endless strips or individual contacts according to customer requirements.

Things are leading the way – More tools are scheduled for our precision high-performance automatic punching press.