We are the professional manufacturer and supplier of contact springs, gaskets, and specialized solutions.

Company Profile

ZILLKON Zillgitt GmbH was founded in March 1995 and today is Germany’s largest manufacturer of contact springs made from copper beryllium.

The company ZILLKON Zillgitt GmbH offers individual and customized solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors.

Our products are used in many fields such as high frequency technology, metrology, control engineering, nuclear physics, aviation and space technology, medical technology, laser technology as well as the entire range of electronic data processing.

Furthermore ZILLKON Zillgitt GmbH offers tailormade products to meet individual customer. Please contact us.

ZILLKON has achieved the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2015.

All our products and packing materials are in compliance with EU directive 2013/65/EC, which regulates the usage of certain harmful materials in electrical and electronic devices.

ZILLKON guarantees all customers and other interested parties that the materials we use do not contain any trace whatsoever of the following forbidden materials: lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB or PBDE, and so therefore conform to EU WEEE und ROHs directives.

We guarantee our customers an integrated and dependable service. From initial contact, through the consultation stage and right through to your custom production, we stand capably by your side at all times. This provides you with real added value.

ZILLKON Customized Springs.
They bridge any gap.

We are an expert in the production of customized springs. You send us your drawing of a contact spring or the presentation of the installation situation of your EMC problem, and we will work with you to fi nd an excellent solution.

Custom springs by ZILLKON

ZILLKON is there for you.
We advise, develop and manufacture!

Looking for a solution for special installation applications or have a specific request? Don't hesitate to write us a message.

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